The worst news a mum could hear about her unborn baby

At my 20-week scan we were told that our unborn baby had a lesion in the back of her brain and that she had excess fluid around the sides of her brain.

I went home confused, distraught, but also hopeful that all would be ok. I was then sent for another scan to double-check the findings. At this scan I was told the worst news a mum could ever hear about her unborn baby. To the knowledge of the doctors, she was going to be a vegetable (those were the exact words). There were no brain cells and the fluid was excessive, they said.

They suggested that I think about abortion.

In my head I was thinking, No! I can’t take my baby’s life away! This is not my job, it’s God’s job. But I was so fearful of my baby’s future and how my life and our other children’s lives would be effected. My husband and I discussed our options but knew in our hearts that abortion was not right. We had peace after deciding we would continue the pregnancy, but we couldn’t get our head around what was happening.

We have two healthy children, how could this be happening to us? In this moment of confusion and worry, God reminded me of a dream I had a couple of weeks before the diagnosis. In the dream, I was fighting several men and they would not die. I was shooting them with a gun but it took them a long time to actually die. God said to me, “There is a battle ahead, a long fight that you’ll have to fight in, but the victory will be won if you just keep on fighting.”

From this moment my husband and I surrendered our baby girl to the one we can count on – our saviour Jesus. We believed that her life was in his hands and we knew we could trust him. We prayed, we fasted and drew near to him. Praise God, his peace in the situation was so comforting. He really got me through what should have been the darkest time of our lives. He filled my heart with joy even when, in my mind, I had little doubt he would always pick me back up! He placed other women in my life who gave me hope when times felt discouraging. He was always there to pick me up.

We made a decision that we were not going to let the enemy steal our joy. It was my daily prayer and he certainly fought that battle for me. Everything I did, I acted in faith. I didn’t even tell people she had all these issues because I did not want to let fear take over my love for my daughter. I could not let fear take over my faith in God to make everything ok regardless of the outcome. Only close family and friends knew, because they were fighting the battle alongside us through prayer and support. I believe that once I said no to those doctors, God’s power and grace took over the whole journey. I could see his hand working in all areas of my pregnancy.

Investigations throughout my pregnancy had shown that the condition she had was rare. In some cases, if the excess fluid around the brain was connected to the lesion, it would cause heart failure. Praise God both sections remained isolated even though the doctors said they could block up at any time. We specifically prayed for no blockages and God was faithful! The fluid and lesion remained separated throughout the whole pregnancy. In all this I continued to believe in God and his perfect plan for Esther’s life.

Esther arrived into this world on her due date via induction. She arrived with no issues. I was able to hold her for two hours (even though they said they would need to take her straight away). We were in hospital for five days while Esther was in the nursery for monitoring. She was progressing just fine.

An MRI scan was done before we took her home. The doctors were puzzled as the fluid levels that were excessive were now normal. The lesion was still seen but was placed in between her scull and her skin, and therefore was not effecting the function of her brain or causing her any disability like the doctors originally advised.

What a miracle!

We believe that Esther is completely healed and whole, for she was born for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).

Esther is now nine months old, growing and achieving milestones with no problems.

Regardless of how my daughter arrived into this world, whether God healed her or not, my choice to choose love and faith over fear played a huge part in her life. I believe my courage to surrender to God’s will for my daughter’s life and his plan for her is what mattered most. I praise God for giving me the courage and strength to trust him through my pregnancy.

I’m sharing my story because I want to help other women to overcome their fears and to be brave. Their children have been given to them for a reason, they were created to be a mum, he will equip them with everything they need to get through the journey. God is good; he will never leave or forsake his daughters.

– by Mel.


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August 12, 2019

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