A richer life, despite unplanned pregnancy

Just as I made the decision to break up with my boyfriend, I received the news that I was pregnant – that was early in 1990.

We went on to get married, have the child, followed by two more. When our youngest was only 16 months old my husband left with another woman.

So I’ve been a single mum for over 12 years now and this year my eldest turns 21!

It was all worth it! My children, although they’ve been through some trauma and have probably had some disadvantage growing up, are a wonderful young man and women of whom I’m so proud! They have brought great delight to many lives, and continue to explore their own exciting futures. I’m so grateful my parents supported me in bringing this first unplanned pregnancy into the world – my life has been indescribably richer because of that.

By Suzanne


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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