“I was sure we were done having kids”



“I can understand why a woman might consider abortion. Finding myself in an unplanned pregnancy with all the support that I could’ve hoped for, it was still a very big shock for me.

I was sure we were done having kids. I felt complete and life was already full. Being pregnant again, it just seemed too hard.

 Early on in the pregnancy, I found that I was the only one that wasn’t happy. I wanted to be happy but all I could think about was mortgage and kids in private schooling and working five days a week and how I would afford not working.

Then I got terribly sick with morning sickness and just felt like I was in survival mode.

 I was pretty sure I was pregnant but I went to the doctor to have that confirmed. She said to me, “You do want to go ahead with this?” It made me angry that she offered that to me when I hadn’t given her any indication that I didn’t want it.

I found that as pregnancy went along, post 20-weeks, once you start to feel the baby move inside of you, your mind and body change to become that nurturing mother that you need to be at the end.

 When I look at Beau, I can’t believe that I was even worried. All our bills are getting paid. Life goes on as usual except we have this beautiful baby in our life and he’s just made our life so much better.

Feelings change, and I adjusted. If I’d known then what I know now, I would never have worried.”

– Jasmine.

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Interview with Jasmine and Sam


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March 7, 2018

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