“Thank you to my birth mother”

In the year 1994, there were around 40 known adoptions in Queensland. I happen to be one of those 40.

Now, being 16 years of age, I’ve learnt to appreciate my life so much more knowing the fact that I was adopted, that I was chosen to live. I can’t actually recall the very day I found out I was adopted. I don’t remember being sat down and hearing the stereotypical, “Honey, we have something to tell you. You were adopted”. It’s just something I’ve always known, something I always thought was normal.

It wasn’t really something I thought about much as a kid, but as I get older, I think about the adoption just that little bit more every day. I am so grateful about how things have turned out, and I am so appreciative of my birth mother for making the right decision by entrusting me to an amazing family.

I have an incredible life. I’ve experience some of the most unreal opportunities that may have never happened otherwise. I’ve travelled overseas to many different countries. I’ve passed over 10 ballet exams, and I’m on the verge of receiving my Junior Dance Teacher’s certificate. I’m also currently on my L plates, and I’m loving all the driving!

I’ve had many downs in my life, but that’s just made the ups even better. It doesn’t mean I wish I had a different life. I am so thankful to be where I am today. It’s weird to think… one decision determined how my life would turn out. It determined the beautiful people who I have met and the great friends I have made. That one decision has enabled me to make a difference in this world.

By Sarah


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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