A woman who left a legacy of love

I recently read an article that was encouraging people to support abortion because conception by rape should be a reason to lawfully abort a baby.

I would like to tell a story about my friend Sally who I went to school with, and whose mother was raped. Her mother was very scared and troubled but carried her baby, my friend, to full term and gave birth.

By this time Sally’s mother had time to fall in love with her baby. She raised Sally with the help and support of her grandmother and extended relatives.

Sally summoned the strength to have the rapist prosecuted and jailed. The rapist threatened to kill Sally’s mum if she reported him to police.

When Sally was eight years old the man charged with rape, embittered by his jail time, returned and killed my friend Sally’s mum. He is now in prison.

Sally has had a life of deep abiding sadness but also of great joy and peace. Sally is now a mother herself with three beautiful children. The greatest gift her mother ever gave her was her life. All of Sally’s friends are thankful to Sally’s mum for giving us the gift of this great friend. Human courage, love and joy were the fruits of Sally’s mum’s sacrifices and life is as radiant as ever.

By a friend


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November 8, 2016

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