Birthed in financial hardship

After the Second World War, Mum and Dad married and, much to their dismay, we children soon began to make our appearances… six in all.

The news of each pregnancy was always greeted with despair. My parents never had much money, and the marriage went through some rocky times. Mum’s unhappiness with Dad’s attitude towards money caused her to feel bitter and resentful. Dad would be so angry with God for sending another child that, at the news of each pregnancy, he would refuse to speak to Mum for days.

Mum told us later that if abortion had been legal back then, only one of her children would be alive. This startling news was always followed by the affirmation that, once born, we children were the most loved little ones ever, but I rejoiced that God protected us unborn children at a time when our parents were struggling and vulnerable.

By Robyn


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November 8, 2016

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