Unexpectedly pregnant at 40

I was ready to go back to teaching after nine years of being a Mum at home with our two beautiful daughters and a foster daughter – our family complete… so I thought!

We were living in a village in England where our GP was a kind, family doctor who warned me that my symptoms of nausea could be something other than a virus! He came round to our house at 8pm to tell me personally that my pregnancy test was positive and would I like an abortion because I was nearly 40?

I was horrified at the news and rang my husband who was overseas at the time. I can still hear his exclamation of “Oh no!” down the phone line. I will never forget that sleepless night, pacing the floor and wanting, desperately wanting, to be rid of that baby so I could go back to the work I loved and escape the monotony of life at home alone.

I had no understanding of what was entailed in an abortion, but somehow I knew I just could not go through with the doctor’s suggestion, no matter what lay ahead. I gritted my teeth and told the girls the news and was amazed at their joy and excitement. Not exactly what we were feeling! I began to connect with God over the whole issue and discovered a new peace in my life.

When David was born they said they could hear me shouting right through the hospital, “It’s a boy!” He certainly brought a balance to another foster daughter, all 4 girls and their girl friends, vying with each other to bath and cuddle and coo! The day after he was born, my husband lost his job. We were penniless but it was a season of miracles. Friends from Germany sent a huge parcel of designer baby clothes, we moved into a house where there was a superb old pram in the garage that just needed some TLC. Somehow we managed and the joy grew! So much so that we stopped trying to avoid having another baby.

It was no surprise when, at 44, along came another boy, this time warmly welcomed from the beginning! When he went to school I at last returned to teaching and had a very fulfilling second season of 20 years with no regrets!

By Nancy


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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