Learning to be a mum

I was pregnant with our first baby and I was a little worried about how to look after the new baby. I didn’t even feel like I knew how to hold the baby without breaking it. Friends had newborn babies and I didn’t like to hold their babies, they are just so small and fragile and I felt so awkward and nervous.

When my baby was born and they placed her on my tummy seconds after she was delivered, something amazing happened. I was overwhelmed with love and confidence as the mother of our little girl who we called Emily Anne. I never felt nervous holding my little girl, in fact it felt so special and good to cradle her in my arms.

Sometimes I still feel awkward holding someone else’s baby but certainly not when I hold my own baby. You know how it is – when something is your own it has a special meaning to you and you feel comfortable with something that is yours.

The midwives showed me how to bath the baby in hospital and even then I suprised myself, no nervousness at all. As a first time mother I got heaps of support, help and advice from doctors, nurses and midwives, it made it so much easier to learn how to look after my little baby.

Babies are a special joy and this experience has brought such a sense of satisfaction and completeness to my life. I wouldn’t trade being a mum for anything! It’s a learning process but guess what: the baby starts out very small and grows and learns along with you! Motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding job I have ever had in my life!

By Katrina


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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