Observing abortion trauma

Sadly, I have had many experiences with women who have had an abortion.

To this day I’ve never heard anyone say, “Thank God I had an abortion.” Every single person I know has had major emotional health problems. Some debilitating.

I was expecting a baby and an employee shared with me that she had an abortion. Her due date was the same time I was due with my son. When the time came for me to bring my baby home she sat and stared and stared and was really traumatised by the experience. She started to get extreme migraines that would last days and weeks. She then quit her job, went to another job and quit there. She broke up with her boyfriend (the one that told her, “It’s either me or the baby, you choose”).

As a woman and mother I can only imagine the sadness and emptiness she suffers. I pray that she will experience peace.

It once again brings home the realisation to me that there are too many lies about the option of abortion. Life is not easy, ever. But when you let life live and you choose the right and the good, life is much more bearable and rewarding rather than sorrow and despair that follows abortion.

By Kate


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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