“I’m thankful my granddaughter was not aborted”

Our daughter was 24 when she announced that she had just fallen pregnant to her fiancé of about six months. He was still married because his wife was refusing to sign their divorce papers.

We are Christians, and thought we had brought her up to be a ‘good girl’. She had even signed the ‘True Love Waits’ pledge! I was appalled, not so much that she was pregnant, but that she had been sleeping with someone to whom she was not yet married.

Her father’s reaction, however, was to ask whether she could get an abortion.

My daughter didn’t hear him, but I did. I think that was the moment I lost respect for him and, although we were married for another four or five years before he died, I have since realised that I resented him, even despised him, from then on.

My daughter and I didn’t even allow the possibility of abortion, and she had every intention of keeping and raising the child, although I did suggest adoption might be in the baby’s best interest.

She and the baby’s father married last year, soon after having a second daughter.

Today, I took time out of a Ladies’ Discussion Day, where a ‘Not Born Yet’ leader spoke, to attend my older grand-daughter’s third birthday. She is a constant delight, even when she is naughty, and I am thankful every day that her mother did not consider aborting her.

By Judith


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November 8, 2016

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