“Adoption made our family”


Finding out that we weren’t able to have our own biological children was devastating. It was always our dream to be parents and now we had to face the fact of that dream not being fulfilled.

Two years after we married, we decided to adopt. Nineteen months after we applied to be adoptive parents, we got a very exciting phone call telling us that we were to be parents to a little baby girl. Words can’t express how excited and extremely happy we were. Our first precious daughter, Carly, came home to us when she was 7 months old. She was born 14 weeks premature and weighed only 901 grams. The doctors were unable to tell us if there would be any long-term physical or mental difficulties with Carly, but that didn’t matter to us. We were ready for anything, ready to be a mum and dad to this miracle baby.

Fourteen years later, our baby is now a happy, healthy and beautiful teenager who loves dancing, playing guitar and going shopping with her friends. Our beautiful son, Jackson, came along 3 years later. He was the surprise baby that the doctors thought would not happen. We were ecstatic. Our dreams of a family were coming true. Jackson is now 11 and also loves to dance, listen to music and enjoys being with his friends and family.

A year after Jackson was born, we knew we wanted to adopt again. This time, we had to wait 4 years before our second daughter, Elleanor, came to join us. She was 3 months old when she came home to us after spending time in foster care. We were so excited to become parents again to this gorgeous and precious little girl. We loved her even before we met her. Elleanor’s birth mother was born in Thailand, so Ellie’s heritage is Australian Thai. With her beautiful brown skin and dark eyes and hair, she is just stunning. Now an active 6 year old, Ellie loves dancing, athletics, playing with her friends and is a real Daddy’s girl.

Thinking that our family was complete, we were totally blown away when 2 years later we got a phone call from the Adoption Department that Elleanor’s birth mother had had another baby, a little girl, who was now 3 months old. They asked if we would be interested in adopting her and keeping the two sisters together. Of course, we didn’t think twice. This was the little one who would complete our family. So 3 months later, when Scarlet was 6 months old and we had completed all the necessary paperwork for the department, we were allowed to bring our new daughter home. Everyone was so excited and we all travelled together to meet our new daughter and sister. Scarlet is now 4 years old. She is a real cutie and loves to dance, cook, ride her bike and play with her sisters and brother and her friends. There are many ways to form a family.

This was our way and we wouldn’t change a thing. Yes, it was hard work, especially with all the paperwork and emotions involved with adoption, but the results of a successful adoption are priceless. We will be forever grateful to the birth mothers of our girls for the selfless act of entrusting their child to us, so that they might have the best life possible: a life, for some reason or another, that they were unable to give. By doing this, we have had the opportunity to share our lives with these beautiful, precious children. We look forward to many more happy years together as a family.


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November 8, 2016

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