Chosen to be this child’s mother

When I discovered that I was pregnant again I was quite upset. We already had four children and hadn’t planned to have another one.

All my reasons for not having another child were totally selfish. I was sick of being pregnant and fat, wearing maternity clothes or clothes suitable for breastfeeding, and morning sickness! As I was really struggling with these thoughts and feeling sorry for myself, a friend sent me a poem about mothers and one line really struck me:

“God has chosen you to be the mother of this child.”

That poem turned my whole thinking around; off myself and onto the child I was carrying. I began to feel the privilege of being “chosen” and that I was the mother that this child needed. From that time I was settled and began to enjoy the pregnancy and later the precious child in my arms. She was a special addition to our family and I cannot imagine life without her.

By Helen


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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