“They won’t have a father, but they have a strong mummy”

When I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I were only just trying to work through our issues.

After spending almost a year apart we had decided it was time to give things another go, or at least that’s what I thought was happening. We spent the day together laughing and reminiscing of old times, everything seemed to be on track. I never heard from him after that day, only when I told him there was something I had to share. Once I told him of the news I could see in his face that he wasn’t going to have this baby with me. He had begged me for weeks not to “do this too him!”

But I knew from the moment I found out . . . I was in love with this unborn child and was going to do this no matter what anyone had to say.

I already have another child to another man, who has had nothing to do with her. My husband has told me over and over through text messages that he will not have anything to do with this child either. It upsets me because, when we were together, he always told me that his children would come first no matter the situation. I guess someone can change their mind after all.

I know the road ahead will be hard and frustrating at times, but I take it as though I’m giving someone a chance at life! After all, my little one can’t stand up for him or her self yet but I know that given my situation, I wouldn’t be able to handle not going through with the pregnancy.

My only hope now is that my children will be happy with the choices I’ve made and I wish them all the best for their future. They may not have their fathers but they will always have one loving, giving, strong mummy.

By Ashleigh


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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