One strong little baby girl

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon, so happy. But knowing that my boyfriend and I weren’t quite ready made it a little scary. I didn’t find out till I was nine weeks along. Now I look back, I can’t believe I didn’t know I was pregnant.

I had an ultrasound the next day to check the dates and to see how old bub actually was. Sure enough; nine weeks and three days along.

But then the technician told me I had a rather large cyst on my right ovary. That scared me a lot but she said it was probably nothing and I went on my way feeling so happy in knowing I was carrying a baby.

My GP called me and wanted to see me that afternoon. I was devastated. I had many tests and was sent to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital. The cyst looked cancerous. I was told the cyst was the size of a grapefruit and looked suspicious and needed surgery. So at 16 weeks pregnant, with high risk of miscarriage, I had major abdominal surgery. They removed the tumour, my right ovary and my right tube, all while my little bubby slept in my tummy. It was borderline between benign and malignant. I spent five days in the hospital and that was now 10 weeks ago. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and loving every moment.

My little girl is so strong and I know she is meant to be here. She may be the only child I can have but I already adore her and love her more than life itself.

Can’t wait to meet her.

By Amanda


Posted on

November 8, 2016

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