The year is drawing to an end and what a year it’s been! We’ve trawled back through our archives and found the stories that made you laugh, cry and challenge your thinking. Here they are – five stories that moved you in 2018.

ONE: Yvette and Mali Ozkavak shared the story of their daughter Ella’s misdiagnosis.

You practically stampeded our YouTube video detailing how this Melbourne couple were brave enough to approach Channel Seven with their journey. Their daughter Ella was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 10 weeks gestation and, throughout the pregnancy Yvette and Mali were constantly pressured to have an abortion. Their obstetrician even told them at 37 weeks that it was not too late to terminate the pregnancy. Ella was born completely healthy one week later. Such a heart-warming, yet frightening, story. It’s no wonder it reached upwards of 80,000 people on Facebook alone!

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TWO: The girl who just wouldn’t die.

Katrina Urry just wouldn’t die. She survived two abortion attempts to emerge into a hostile world where she was unwanted and unloved. And yet, looking at her life today, there is so much love and value in who she is and how she contributes to others.

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THREE: Truthful statistics and what they mean.

We can tell that you love learning. When we share stories and videos that reveal lesser-known statistical information, you show us you appreciate it in the shares and the lingering. They’re not charts and tables of meaningless numbers. They’re simple facts, like this one…

50% Unplanned pregnancies??

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Posted by Not Born Yet on Wednesday, 11 July 2018

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FOUR: That chick who expressed breast milk while running an Ironman.

And she ran a PB. No wonder this was a winner. I mean, can a mum get tougher than this? The truthful answer is that mums are tough in lots of different ways, and we love celebrating the diversity of mums out there. After all, being a mum is a superpower.

FIVE: “I can understand why a woman might consider an abortion”

Jasmine featured in our latest Not Born Yet ad, sharing openly her thought process when she fell pregnant after believing her family to already be complete.

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There you have it. Five of the stories you loved in 2018. Now, go and have yourself a fantastic Christmas/New Year, and be sure to make great stories of your own life, no matter what circumstances you find yourself facing. You are strong. You are able. You are supported and loved.


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