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The girl who wouldn’t die: Katrina survives abortion, suicide attempts

“I had a choice, but it didn’t feel like a choice at all”

A short life with a long legacy

Overcoming grief of four abortions

A mother’s musings on change

Miss X: coerced into abortion

Baby misdiagnosed in utero

“Adoption is the best I can do”

Young and full of life, then…

“I was 8 months pregnant when I found out”

“They won’t have a father, but they have a strong mummy”

“I had an abortion and wanted to die too”

When life doesn’t go as planned

Miscarriage and depression

An abortion warning

Evie: miracle baby

“Thank you to my birth mother”

“My baby gave me focus”

Chosen to be this child’s mother

Carrying a child a precious experience

Birthed in financial hardship

Learning to be a mum

“I was adopted, and I’m so grateful”

One strong little baby girl

When fatherhood knocks

A long fight for life

“I’m thankful my granddaughter was not aborted”

“I nearly missed out on living”

Family secrets: “My mum had three abortions”

Raped at 20, but she couldn’t abort baby

She was afraid of being a mum, but she figured it out

A richer life, despite unplanned pregnancy

Having a child didn’t destroy her teen life

Born with half a heart, not expected to live

Unexpectedly pregnant at 40

A message to women considering abortion

Haunted by decision to help girlfriend get abortion

A woman who left a legacy of love

Observing abortion trauma

Remembering Luke: 20 weeks in the womb

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Nikki's Story

Nikki was 17 and hadn't been living in Australia for long when she discovered she was pregnant. She chose Nahla.

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