Recently we asked our peeps about pregnancy bloopers: the funny things that happen during pregnancy, and… Oh. My. Goodness. There were some rippers! What a hoot – we were reduced to tears with some of the stories. Laughter tears!

In short, they were too good not to share.

Here’s a few. Who says pregnancy isn’t a laugh?!

Pregnancy Bloopers

My broom wouldn’t work. I was trying to sweep my floor and I was crying because the broom “wouldn’t work” – I had it bristle side up trying to sweep.

I crouched down to look at something in IKEA and got stuck!

My husband asking where the milk was. Me telling him it’s in the fridge. Him saying no it’s not. Me getting clothes out of wardrobe finding that I had thought wardrobe was fridge…

I had hyperemesis with my firstborn, so vomiting in public kinda became a way of life for me… 😬 One day, about 18wks pregnant, I stopped at a supermarket to pick up some snacks…felt fine walking in…then a little queasy. By the time I got to the back of the store, I had vomited in my mouth and didn’t know what to do with it!! A family rounded the corner and after some fantastic non-verbal communication from me, went to get help, whilst also pointing out a mop bucket for my convenience! I used it, then had to explain to the teenage staff member who came to help me that his mop bucket was full of vomit, and could I have some paper towel, please? 😂 I then had to face him again at the checkout!

Standing in line at Aldi. 8 months pregnant with no2 while 12 month old no1 spits a piece of chewed hot dog into my hand.
I ate it.
The lovely young woman in line behind me was disgusted.
Me: “judge me when you’re in my shoes!”
…I craved hot dogs with my second, so I wasn’t gonna waste it. I was starving constantly!

pregnancy bloopers

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