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You’re pregnant

This is new. You’re pregnant and you feel unprepared—the truth is, up to half of pregnancies are unexpected. The most important thing you need to know is you don’t have to be alone. If you’re wondering why this decision is so hard to make, it’s because it’s the kind of decision that will stay with you for life. Our goal is to help you understand what your options are, so you can make an informed choice.

The way you feel matters

You may feel a range of emotions as you consider your options regarding your pregnancy, like worry, confusion and shock. Every woman’s experience is different. Often the way we truly feel can be overwhelmed by our circumstances—the state of our finances, our support network, our sense of security and our plans for the future. If you’re looking at these areas in isolation, the bigger picture of your pregnancy might be hard to see.

Taking a step back from the challenges in front of you might be hard, but it may help you to see your situation isn’t impossible. The question you really need to answer is how you feel about being pregnant and becoming a parent. Talking to people you trust might be helpful, or you may find it easier to talk to someone from outside your normal life, who can listen and support you as you make sense of the options before you.

A listening ear, no strings attached.

We recommend the following services offering professional and confidential help and advice, as well as practical care and support.

Continuing your pregnancy

There are so many avenues of help and information you can access to support you throughout your pregnancy. If you’ve given yourself permission to truly explore what it means to be pregnant and to become a parent, begin asking questions. Your GP is a great place to start, along with local antenatal classes and mother’s groups.

You can also visit some of these helpful websites:


Sometimes adoption is the best option for baby and mother. If you are concerned your circumstances are insurmountable, adoption can be a loving decision to make for your baby. There are hundreds of couples waiting to adopt children in Australia. Contact the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women to find out more information about adoption.

Phone: (07) 3097 5100 or free call on 1800 647 983
Email: [email protected]


Before you make this irreversible decision, we want you to feel prepared and satisfied you have received and understood every option put before you. Visit our website to find answers, advice, links to professional help and to learn the facts about abortions.

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