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She’s pregnant

She just found out and so did you. While you consider how this news will impact your life, your relationship with your partner and the plans you had, remember to think about the small life growing inside of her. This is a life created by the two of you—from beginning to end, you’re in this together. Walking this path and becoming a father takes courage and responsibility.

Did you know that 70 per cent of women who have had an abortion say they would have kept their baby if one significant person in their life offered meaningful support?
You could be that one person.

What she really needs right now

There’s a line to walk as you abide by the law and share this experience with your partner. Under Australian law, men have no right to prevent an abortion regardless of the age of the woman or girl, the circumstances of conception or whether you are the father of the unborn child, the father of the pregnant woman or girl, a father-in-law, sibling or male friend.

This doesn’t mean you have to leave her alone to make the final choice. If she’s shared with you and has asked for your support, you can let her know this decision impacts both of you. Often the way we truly feel can be overwhelmed by our circumstances—the state of our finances, our support network, our sense of security and our plans for the future. You have the opportunity to embrace change with her and help her move forward.

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If you’re wondering why this decision is so hard to make, it’s because it’s the kind of decision that will stay with you for life. Our goal is to help you understand what you and your partner’s options are, so you can make an informed choice that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Abortion is the irreversible decision and it’s not uncommon for women and their partners to feel grief after terminating the pregnancy. It’s never too late to reach out for help. Find support among your loved ones or contact a counsellor who can listen and help you to heal.

Abortion Grief Australia helpline: 1300 363 550

Victims of Abortion:

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