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This is your job

You come into contact with pregnant women regularly. When they are shocked and feel unprepared to deal with their unexpected or crisis pregnancy, they turn to you for professional advice and care. As women share with you about their circumstances, they’re looking for answers, a solution and a way forward. You hold a powerful position in this moment.

Provide every option

It’s your job to lay out all of her options and talk her through each one. Don’t assume she’ll be better off without her baby. Instead, listen to her and point her towards the support available to other women who are just like her. Remind her she isn’t alone—find out who her support network is and encourage her to connect with them.

Helpful resources for pregnant women

As women navigate their pregnancy with your professional support and advice, it’s important they have the opportunity to explore every avenue and option. By providing her with information free of bias and judgement, you can encourage her to deeply consider her decision and its consequences.

We recommend the following services offering professional and confidential help and advice, as well as practical care and support.

You can also direct her to visit some of these helpful websites:

notbornyet is a space for women, families, partners and clinicians to explore every option available for unexpected or crisis pregnancies. Our goal is to ensure pregnant women know where to access the real information and support they need to make an informed decision.

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