Jessica Rowe has announced that she has resigned from television to spend more time with her family. The Studio 10 host of the morning show finishes up at the end of this month so that she can devote time to being a “more present mother”.

During an emotionally-charged show on March 9 when she announced her resignation, Jessica explained that it had been a difficult decision, one made with the full support of her husband, Nine journalist Peter Overton. She said her tween daughters were her primary motivation.

“Allegra and Giselle need their mum. I want to be there in the mornings for them, to take them to school … It is something that I need to do, it is as simple as that.”

In an article for The Sydney Morning Herald titled Why I decided to put my family first, the journalist and television personality shared how her work-life commitments had lost their balance.

“I didn’t like what I was turning into. Someone sleepwalking through the days, running on adrenalin, and propping myself up with rosé on a Friday night, too weary to snuggle with anything but Netflix,” she wrote.

“The heartstrings that had tightly bound me to my babies were now a little looser but still being tugged by the emotional demands of their tween years and the emotionally fraught teenage years I know lie ahead.

I want to be a present mum. For me being present means being emotionally present. And my workload had been leaving me with little energy to devote to what really matters. My daughters needed me and I needed them.”

Jessica is well known for her feminist viewpoints, and she addressed this too, saying choosing her family was not a compromise of her beliefs.

“It is never simply a choice between career and family. Ask anyone, and family always comes first.

Depending on what stage you and your family are at, there are different pressures and you need to lean in more to your family or your career.

This move isn’t old-fashioned. I’m a proud feminist and I know how lucky I am to have this choice.”

Jessica says she will continue writing for her Crap Housewife blog and also public speaking and advocacy for mental health.

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