This week, in the lead-up to International Women’s Day (March 8) we’re sitting down and having a chat with three female leaders to speak about their passions, their motivation and their ongoing work to support women facing the crises that lead to abortion vulnerability. Here, Diamond Women’s Support CEO and founder Jenny Gurry bares her heart for women.







Being raised within a strict family I have had to navigate the complex narrative regarding abortion, unplanned pregnancy and how to respond to those who have a different value system. For many, myself included, it can lead to uncomfortable discussions where morality is debated and often differing opinions are not easily approached in helpful ways.

My own studies around ethics at Bible college equally raised questions for me regarding where I stood, as did my further working life in marketing. My roles, while in industries such as cosmetics and the motor vehicle industry, may seemingly be disconnected, allowed me to research the existing model of care in Australia and then also pregnancy centres across North America.

My research and knowledge set quickly led me to identify a gap in the market, specifically around women who may be at a crossroads in her current journey and the readily available support through accessible organisations. I reflected on the type of model of care I would require should I face a similar situation and also leaned on my faith to determine what I believe Jesus would do.

I have since built Diamond Women’s Support to see this model and value system come to life. The issues around an unplanned pregnancy are often complex, and it’s rarely a black and white situation. But we need to simply demonstrate the love of Christ.

What is Diamond Women’s Support about?

We are a professional, holistic support system for women and their families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our care is compassionate and non-judgemental, from determining if a woman is pregnant to decision counselling and referrals, abortion information, social work, case work and support throughout pregnancy and beyond. We have a comprehensive support program that helps women navigate all their options for a 12-month period, after birth, adoption or abortion. And it’s completely free.

We’re now in our 15th year and have helped over 1,300 families so far.

An example of said help is a recent scenario where we hard a girl come to us who was pregnant. Her husband had demanded a divorce and declared he wanted nothing to do with her. Vulnerable, she had no food to feed her toddler, no money, and as unfortunate circumstances would have it, her employer had cut down all her hours when they found out she was pregnant. Diamond Women’s Support was able to help her access financial assistance, social welfare, counselling and provide tangible support right through her pregnancy. The little boy she gave birth to is now eight, she’s is thriving within a retail role as an assistant manager and has since referred others to us, who require a similar level of support and care.

Pro-abundant life

If we align with the value system that families are the heartbeat of a strong community or society, then Diamond Women’s Support has a clear mandate. We support the women in our network, we champion her so that she’s the best mother or caregiver and finds support and healing. We’re not just pro-life, we are pro-having an abundant life. Not content with simply ensuring she has her basic needs met, we want to help her navigate our social welfare system, support her through domestic violence issues, and provide her with emotional support post adoption or abortion.

We want her to be strong and thriving so we have strong and thriving families and communities.

However, we can’t do this alone. Families impact every element of our societies, and as such we need all of those within our community to get behind local pregnancy centres. These places commonly don’t have the deep pockets of abortion providers and yet our level of support needs are on par. If you want to see a culture of life, help pregnancy centres be the go-to organisation in these situations and ensure they are equipped so they can perform as required within our community. This is just as crucial as sponsoring a child through Compassion and World Vision, yet many of us forget these women are modern day widows and modern day orphans right in our backyard. We expect them to have an inherent moral compass while at the same time seeing media and television is telling them it’s their decision, their choice, their way.

It is crucial that we provide them with a safe alternative, without condemnation.

Diamond Women’s Support is based in NSW with centres in Gosford, Sydney CBD and Baulkham Hills. It also services the Penrith and Macquarie Hills areas.

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