Proof right here that the world is beginning to acknowledge that life with Down syndrome is not a burden or something to cringe at – but that it is a thing of joy and delight!
See this cute-as-a-button little dude? He has just landed himself a gig modelling for children’s clothing retailer OshKosh B’Gosh. Cool, huh?

The story has an awesome ending, but a rather challenging beginning. Asher Nash, from Georgia in America, had his photos submitted to a modelling agency by his doting mother, Meagan. Asher’s photos were held back by the agency, however, because the casting call didn’t specify they needed a model with “special needs.”

Meagan was sad, angry, frustrated and a million other things. So she posted the beautiful photos of her son online so that, at the very least, people in her own network could appreciate her son’s photogenic smile and natural way with the camera.

The photos went viral, people sharing and rallying in support of Meagan and Asher. And what’s more, within an hour Meagan was contacted by OshKosh B’Gosh who invited Asher to be part of their holiday ad campaign.

Good move, OshKosh B’Gosh! And how very affirming of the wonderfulness (it’s a word, trust me!!) of life in its full spectrum of diversity.


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