Little Noah’s lack of brain development during pregnancy saw his parents offered termination five times.┬áMedical professionals said he would be born severely disabled and wouldn’t be able to see, speak, hear and eat.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain recently, Shelley and Rob Wall, seated with their six-year-old son Noah, explained how they stood their ground and continued with the pregnancy, against recommendations to abort. Five times.

The doctors were right… to an extent. Noah was born with only two per cent of his brain. But since then his brain has grown to where it is now 80 per cent normal brain size.

Noah is a living and breathing (not to mention smiling, charming and delightful) miracle. His body’s response to his disability has baffled the medical fraternity and left Shelley and Rob empowered and buoyed to know that, in choosing life for their son, they really did have his best interests at heart.

The parents attribute their great courage in repeatedly refusing abortion to their stage in life.

“Because we’re older parents, we know our own minds and we’re positive people. We wanted to give Noah the chance of life,” Mr Wall said.

How the doctors explain Noah’s brain development

In the womb, doctors found that just two per cent of Noah’s brain had developed, and he also had spina bifida. However, another brain scan at the age of three found Noah had developed 80 per cent brain mass. Mr Wall said many doctors believed Noah had no brain at all, while others thought it was squashed into a small space. Either way, Noah’s capabilities continue to astonish.

Noah is having neurophysics treatment in Australia, a mixture of physiotherapy and cognitive exercises, to give him the most opportunity to continue developing his abilities.

Including surfing, and perhaps even skiing.

Noah brings gifts to the doctors who told his parents to abort him

What about those doctors who said he would never be able to see, speak, hear and eat? Obviously, Noah is doing ALL those things today, and so much more. The Wall family stay in regular contact with the doctors who recommended termination, sending them emails, updates and pictures on Noah’s progress. Each Christmas Noah makes a special visit to bring them a gift at the hospital too.

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