A former abortionist and OB/GYN of 35 years has shared publicly why she gave up the profession. Dr Kathi Aultman was a staunch feminist and believed abortion was a women’s rights issue when she entered medical school and chose abortion as her specialisation. It wasn’t until she became a mother herself that she “made the connection between foetus and baby.” That experience changed everything for her; her viewpoint, career and pro-choice standing.

“The fact that the baby was unwanted was no longer enough justification for me to kill it and I could no longer do abortions.”

Her eyes were suddenly opened to the affect of abortion on women; she noticed that young women were doing amazingly well after continuing with an unplanned pregnancy, compared with women going through the trauma of abortion.

“I don’t believe a woman can remain unscathed after killing her child,” she said. Dr Kathi Aultman was addressing lawmakers in the U.S. Midwestern state of Iowa who are debating legislation that would ban abortion after a heartbeat can be detected.

Her address is illuminating – watch it for yourself and tell us what you think…

Former abortionist shares why she became pro-life

"I love meeting adults I have delivered, but it's always bittersweet because I am reminded of the people I will never meet because I aborted them." Dr. Kathi Aultman was an abortionist, but she became pro-life after she was pregnant with her own daughter. This is a speech you need to hear.Video credit: The Family Leader

Posted by Live Action on Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Video credit: The Family Leader

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