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Suzi Quatro says that her “life’s greatest regret” was the abortion she had at the age of 18. The rock and roll pioneer who became the first female bass guitar player to become a major rock star, shared of her regret in an interview for the Daily Mail.
“Of course, I might well not have gone on to achieve what I did in my career if I’d become a young single mum. But that doesn’t stop it being my life’s greatest regret. If I could turn the clock back, even allowing for everything that’s happened to me since, I’d have kept that baby,” Suzi said.
She fell pregnant to a married music executive, a man who she only refers to by his initials, DC, and considered abortion to be her best choice at the time. Suzi, who was raised a Catholic, still tears up when recalling “the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make” – even though it was more than 45 years ago.
“When my two kids were born, I couldn’t get out of my mind who that first baby would have become. He or she would be 46 now. Any woman who’s been through abortion and tells you it was nothing is lying.”
It would be 20 years later, and during her marriage break-down to guitarist Len Tuckey, that Suzi finally shared with her mum Helen, who was dying from stomach cancer.
“She told me she’d always known about the abortion, although I don’t know how because I’d never told her. She said it was a mother’s instinct and she may well have been right,” she said.
When Suzi’s daughter Laura, now 33, revealed that she was pregnant at 18, she felt compelled to share her own unplanned pregnancy story in the hope of saving her the same grief and regret.
“I told her that whatever decision she made I’d stand by her. I also told her what had happened to me at the same age. I’d never breathed a word of it until then… But she decided she wanted to keep the baby, and thank God she did. Amy is 13 now and just beautiful.”
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