Katrina Urry just wouldn’t die. She survived her mum’s two desperate abortion attempts to emerge into a hostile world where she was unwanted and unloved.

Conceived as a result of her married mum’s affair, Katrina’s alcoholic parents made her the scapegoat for every real or imagined ill; she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a Sunday School teacher and had any remaining shred of self-esteem removed by teachers who told her she would never amount to anything.

She was binge drinking by her teens and tried to take her own life several times before an aunt finally rescued her, removing the self-destructive 15-year-old from her toxic environment and planting her into a safe, supportive family.

There she experienced the unconditional love of God and his authentic followers as she slowly discovered her real worth and ultimate purpose. She found hope, belonging and a good man on whom she could depend.

Katrina, (pictured above with her daughters-in-law),  is now a successful Bundaberg businesswoman who married the love of her life and together raised nine outstanding young men; five of their own and four boys they adopted in their teens.

The remarkable mum, now 50, is happy to share her tragic and triumphant story with all who will listen.

Abortion advocates could understandably highlight her tragic childhood as the reason why women should be allowed and even encouraged to dispose of unwanted babies — end the life inside the womb to save a whole lot of pain and grief beyond.

This is Katrina’s response:

“Some of you are probably thinking I would have been better off not living, but I for one am so thankful I survived.  My life has been worth living; every breath of it. 

“Never believe you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or loved enough.

All life deserves to be lived.’’

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