Hello beautiful woman. If you’ve clicked on to this article, chances are you’re in a situation you didn’t plan for, didn’t ever hope to find yourself in. And perhaps you’ve booked an appointment at your local abortion clinic, or are about to.


We would like you to take some time to fully understand your choices and their implications.

Are you under any pressure, subtle or otherwise, from others, including the father of the child, your mum, your doctor or friends?

Are you seeking a drastic and irreversible solution to a temporary circumstance or problem?

Do you know what happens in an abortion, the physical and psychological effects on you, and the beauty, wonder and dignity of the child on board who probably already has a heartbeat? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, or you feel you need to know more about any part of the road you’re on, CLICK HERE. You’ll find an absolute trove of info. Grab a cuppa and settle down to immerse yourself in it. This is a big decision, after all. Not a decision to be made quickly or lightly.

The notbornyet website is also filled with real stories of people, just like you, who continued a problem pregnancy and are pleased they did. These women are no braver, smarter or more well-equipped than you.

If you’re still here, still reading, and still considering abortion.

There are still more things you need to know and understand. There are important questions you need to ask of those who will remove your child.

And if at ANY point you feel even the slightest hesitation, if your gut does flip-flops or you have that sinking feeling that usually means you’re about to do something you’ll later regret, leave. Remember, abortion clinics are businesses. They make money out of your unplanned pregnancy situation. They are not the place to find unbiased support.

Again, the notbornyet website contains links to free, caring pregnancy support centres filled with trained staff who can help you sort through the confusion and chaos without judgment, shame or pressure.

Here’s that list*.

  1. What is the name of the doctor who will perform the procedure?
  2. Will I be able to speak privately with the doctor about my personal circumstances?
  3. Does the doctor have admitting rights to my local hospital in case I have any complications?
  4. Who will I call if I have a problem after the procedure?
  5. Does the doctor provide independent counselling so that I can discuss my options?   If so, does this counselling cost money?   How much?
  6. Do I have to pay any money up front, before I have counselling to make my decision?
  7. Can I change my mind at any time and get a full refund of any money I paid?
  8. Will you provide an ultrasound?  If so, how much will it cost?
  9. Will I be allowed to view the ultrasound if I choose?
  10. Will you tell me exactly how many weeks pregnant I am?
  11. Can you give me information on the development of the foetus?
  12. What possible physical complications might I experience?
  13. What possible psychological complications might I experience?
  14. If having a medical abortion:  Where can I go for help if I change my mind after taking mifepristone?
  15. Can you provide me with information about any services in my community that may help me if I decide to proceed with my pregnancy?

Remember, if you are uncomfortable or unhappy with any of the answers, you do not need to make an appointment, or you can leave if you are already at the facility.

We sincerely hope you will.

Watch Madeleine’s story

*Questions source: Real Choices Australia

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