Cherie’s Story

I was 23 and met the man of my dreams… He was someone I never thought I’d end up with. Handsome, great career, kind and i was so in love with him.. 12 months later he asked me to marry him, my dreams had come true… We had a 2 year engagement and took things slow… We worked hard and then planned our wedding… We got married and had a great honeymoon. then went home back to a normal life and started talking about starting a familly… My husband was running a business and things were really hard at work for us.. Very stressful… Anyway 10 months after our wedding, I fell pregnant.. We were so happy. My dreams had really come true.. I was soooo happy.. We waited until I was 8 weeks to tell everyone, he was on his phone telling his family and I was on my phone telling my family. We was so excited… Morning sickness was really bad but I was excited…. To Cut a long story short. I was 11 weeks pregnant and my husband come home from work and he didn’t seem happy… I was asking him all night what is wrong with u tonight, he kept saying nothing… Anyway an hour later I said what is wrong.. His answer to me was I DONT WANT TO BE A HUSBAND Or a FATHER and told me to have an abortion.. My world was shattered 🙁

There was no way I was going to have one of those….

I waited a couple of days.. Spinning out about my world, thinking what is wrong with my husband.. He was still saying he didn’t want to be a husband or a father… I spent a couple of more days in bed crying and confused and very scared… I got my phone and rang my mum to take me to doctor to organise an abortion. I can not be a single mum… The doctor said he would not refer me for an abortion until we seen marriage counselling.. So that what we did… The counsellor gave us a sheet of paper with heaps of questions… We answered all the questions and counsellor was looking at them and said to my husband. I can’t help you, you need a psychiatrist, so she refered him to someone else… she said to me i can help you decide whether you are going to keep the baby or not.. I had a few sessions with her to talk but I still was very confused and scared and wanted my husband back to normal.. A week went by and I had to make my mind up pretty fast.. I shit myself and I had an abortion and I wanted to die too…. But I was scared and didn’t want to be a single mum that was my biggest nightmare… That was 12 years ago… There is not a day go by that I don’t think about it… I wanted that baby and it was planned.. I still can’t believe that happened to me.. A couple of hard years went by and I settled down a bit and I’m now In a relationship and have a 6 year old and a 3 year old.. But not married and never will get married again.. But am happy just get pissed off sometimes… Something is missing…


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November 8, 2016

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