So, you’re pregnant!

Wherever your head is on this piece of news, there are five things you should do straight away to ensure your own good health as well as that of the baby now on board. As you engage in these practical steps, perhaps you’ll find yourself coming to terms with the situation and finding the spark of excitement in what promises to be one of the most memorable times of your life.


Give up smoking. Research is conclusive: smoking is not only extremely bad for you, but it’s extremely bad for bub. I know, I know. It’s so hard to quit. And perhaps you’ve already tried before. Pregnancy is the best impetus for quitting, because you’re quitting in the interests of two people, not one. Also, by choosing to kick the habit now, you will decrease the chances of bad morning sickness, complications during pregnancy and labour, premature birth and your baby being born underweight. So many great reasons to give up.
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Give up alcohol. Medical advice on drinking alcohol while pregnant has varied over the years from complete abstinence to moderation. But what is abundantly clear is that alcohol consumption during pregnancy has the potential to harm your baby. Do you want to take that risk? Drinking alcohol during pregnancy has been named as the cause of miscarriage and stillbirth, of developmental issues in utero and beyond, and also babies being born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.
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Get an ultrasound. First step is your GP, and you’ve probably already had that appointment. Perhaps it was overwhelming; all the information, all the expectations. Perhaps it was clinical and you’re finding it hard to get your head around the ‘mother’¬†title. Whatever your early experiences have been, good or bad, now is as good a time as any to meet your son or daughter. That’s right – ultrasound gives you the most amazing opportunity to say your first hello to your offspring. It is a most incredible experience. You really don’t want to miss out on this. Enjoy every moment: take photos, video, bring your friends, partner, mum, dad, nan, neighbour! Or just go by yourself and drink in the thrill of watching your baby kick with vitality on that screen.


Cut back on caffeine. There are some foods and drinks that you have to be mindful of during pregnancy. Caffeine is one of them. Experts say that a pregnant woman should endeavour not to have more than 200mg of the stuff each day – and don’t forget it’s not only found in coffee, but tea, energy drinks and chocolate. There are also particular foods and food preparations to avoid: raw or partially cooked eggs, mould-ripened cheeses (usually soft and blue cheeses), fish with high mercury content, raw or undercooked meat and so on and so forth. There’s a link below to a great resource to read up on these things, but it’s important not to get hung up on it. Do your best to avoid these foods, and if you accidentally eat something not recommended for pregnant women, rest easy knowing your body has amazing baby-defending capabilities. And as always, if you have any concerns, see your doc.
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Take a good pregnancy supplement. A healthy and varied diet will be a great asset to you and your baby during pregnancy. However, your body needs even more vitamins and minerals than normal and your diet might not hit the mark. Which is why a good, pregnancy specific supplement is recommended. Head to your favourite pharmacy and ask what they recommend. Make sure it is a pregnancy supplement, mind, as there are some vitamins and minerals you should steer clear of during pregnancy (like Vitamin A).
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So there you have it. Five things to do when you find out you’re pregnant.
And if you’d like to know where you can find support for where you’re at, we’ve got more info for you HERE.

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