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Abortion Facts

One in three women will have an abortion before they are 40. You might be alarmed by these abortion facts and figures.

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Answers To Common Questions

Abortion is often promoted as a viable choice for women facing a crisis pregnancy. These are responses to common arguments in favour of abortion.

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Risks & Procedures

There are very serious health risks associated with abortion; short-term and long term, physical and psychological.

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Need Help?

You’re not alone. Help is available somewhere near you and we’d love to put you in touch.

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Real Support

For Her

So you’re pregnant? Sort through your feelings, identify the full spectrum of choices and find out where you can get loving help.

For Him

So your partner is pregnant? That’s tough news when the pregnancy wasn’t planned. We’ve put together some really useful info just for you.

For Friends

So your friend is pregnant? There’s so much you can do to support her at this time. Perhaps more than you think. Check out our practical advice.

For Family

So your loved one is pregnant? Your family is growing, just not in the way you expected. Everything’s going to be ok. She needs your positivity right now.

For Professionals

So your job brings you in contact with pregnant women? You hold a position of great influence. Please take time to consider this and the full impact of your advice and opinions.

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Another NRL player, another case of coerced abortion

Last week, a brave young woman known as Miss X went public with her devastating experience of having an abortion after being verbally bullied and eventually paid to get rid of a messy problem in NRL star Bryce Cartwright's private life. Read my letter to Miss X here....

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An open letter to Miss X

Dear Miss X, I hope you don't mind this public letter... I completely understand your desire to remain anonymous, but I just listened to your radio interview with Miranda Devine and was so moved. The tears fell unbidden and a knot of righteous anger formed in my...

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A princess’s wish for International Women’s Day

As the proud mum of a two-year-old girl, I am privy to the whimsical workings of her sweet little head. She is the personification of joy and we have such fun doing girly things together, like dancing around the dining table to the Frozen soundtrack, picking flower...

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